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Today’s doodle: Natsume Takashi. #natsumetakashi #natsumeyuujinchou #bookoffriends #natsumebookoffriends #artwork #doodle #drawing


Car ride with the little prince #dog #adorable #shihtzu #shihpoo #puppy #poodle

ドライブ行きました時から♪( ´▽`) #プードル#シーツ#犬#わんこ#ワンコ#可愛い#かわいい

20 facts, tagged by @lemniscatexx -w-;;

1. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother, all of them older than me. Also a dog.
2. Don’t have an actual colour preferences, but almost always end up buying things like stationeries in blue and purples.
3. But when it comes to clothes I tend to buy whichever colour looks better on the design.
4. I think I’m a pretty boring person.
5. Socially awkward, but I’m trying my best to get better at it.
6. I like drama CDs and seiyuus.
7. Art and crafts are my passions.
8. I want to travel and see the world.
9. I’m the kind of introvert who needs some time (quite a lot, really) alone by herself every single day. I get exhausted and cranky when I don’t.
10. I can’t stand having long fingernails, but they don’t look pretty when painted, so I try to grow them out as soon as I can.
11. I love sweets.
12. I love books and reading, but I don’t read as much as I used to nowadays.
14. Haven’t been listening to visual-kei (other than Alice Nine) for a few years now. I’m just not interested in it anymore and tend to listen to utaites more.
15. I make most of my costumes on my own. Out of so many costumes I have, only a few was done by someone else.
16. I played billiard for the first time in my whole entire life yesterday.
17. I like the taste of Coke/Cola, but I don’t like too much fizz, so I tend to shake it to get rid most of the fizz too.
18. I never intended to do it, but I somehow ended up collecting socks and tights/stockings.
19. I cut my bangs and side-hair once every two weeks on my own. I don’t want to spend so much money just on my bangs, and I happen to know how to cut hair a little LOL.
20. I tend to hoard cute things, or even pictures of whatever I find cool, cute, or pretty.

Not tagging anyone cuz idk who to tag lol.

Kiki’s delivery service? Nope, Miki’s delivery service! He’s black and the red ribbon on his head… Reminds me of Kiki lol. #dog #poodle #shihtzu #shihpoo #puppy #adorable

魔女の宅急便?いやいや、わんこの宅急便でしょ!w すいません、頭で赤いのリボンを着るから、キキの事を思い出したw #犬#わんこ#ワンコ#可愛い

Something I drew the other day. The day before that I saw this series of sculptures of whales, carrying things like a lake or a whole entire city on their backs. Apparently that series itself was inspired by old legends and beliefs where the world was carried on the back of a large, wise animal. I ended up drawing this. The flowers on its back are roses, lilies, sunflowers, lotus, lavender, delphinium, peonies, as well as vines and tree branches. #flowers #doodle #art #artwork #drawing #whale #spermwhale






holy shit

I haven’t agreed with a tag more

i want more like this plz


im one of those people who hates getting scared, but loves playing horror games…





Stuffs I made yesterday. The blue one’s gonna be turned to look a bit Free!’s Haru-ish, and the red ones are cosplay accesories. #bows #ribbons #crafts #polkadots #stripes #diy #handmade


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Mostly SFW.

Personal blog. Most of the posts here are reblogged stuffs that I like. But occasionally I post my own content. I gave up tagging most of my posts.

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